OWLeS: Ontario Winter (OW) Lake-effect Systems (LeS): News and Updates

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Click here to read the latest article from Fondriest Environmental's "Environmental Monitor", describing the upcoming OWLeS project.

The OWLeS informational "Open House" event will be held on 4 December 2013. Click here to read the official Penn Yan Airport press release.

Facebook users can now access OWLeS-related information online! Click here for more information.

Official OWLeS press release: Click here to read it.

More information about OWLeS from the University of Wyoming now available.

Read more about the OWLeS project on the University of Utah's Wasatch Weather Weenies blog.

A 7 May 2013 press release detailing the involvement of Millersville University of Pennsylvania's professors Dr. Todd Sikora and Dr. Richard Clark in the OWLeS field campaign.

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